Mars, planet of action and drive, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from June 8th to 30th 2023.

This asterism is associated with shrewdness and insight, and Mars sees you being alive to subtle tactics and hidden undercurrents. Ashlesha’s ruling devatas are The Naghas, the shape-shifting mythological serpents, who are symbols of worldly wisdom, and act as custodians of heavenly treasure.

So you have a mystical awareness, along with an understanding of the real world. Your instincts about people are sharp, especially if you sense secretiveness or a hidden agenda, but rather than make a pre-emptive strike, you respond on a psychological level.

The Shakti here, ‘to inflict poison’, can bring you into a toxic environment, but you need use your power in the right measure, and not overreach.

Mars’s debilitation in Cancer sees your energy coming in short bursts, where you may only step up and take action when you are in the right mood. Still, you are motivated by a protective and territorial feeling, and can outdo even your usual limitations if you feel threatened in some way.

Especially as Mars moves together with romantic Venus up to June 30th, which can see jealousy and competition arising, and a friend or rival using their attractiveness to further their ambitions. You may also encounter someone in a relationship who has a kind of hypnotic energy and magnetism.

On an esoteric level, this nakshatra is linked to the coiled kundalini energy at the base of the spine, which can manifest through intimacy and emotion, or via a spiritual experience in intense yoga practice – this is a perfect time to shed psychic layers in a serpent-like way.

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