Sun, planet of light and Self, is in Mrigashira from June 8th until 22nd 2023, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Taurus and Gemini.

Mrigashira’s name means ‘to hunt’ and its symbol is the Deer or Stag, which is depicted in myth being pursued across the skies by Brahma the Creator. The Sun is up for a grand quest and you chase your ambition with pride wrapped up in finding success and arriving at a definite place.

The chase may prove better than the catch, however, particularly in a romantic sense, and you no sooner reach one goal than move immediately on to another. Mrigashira’s soft and malleable nature may also see you being the one who is pursued, either by an individual, or a duty or obligation.

You start a project full of Solar pride, only for your resolution to fade, and another day you are not so up for the challenge – be on your guard against these type of changing moods. Mrigashira’s Shakti, or special gift, is to ‘Provide Fulfilment’ so there is also ultimate promise in your pursuit, and natural curiosity keeps you busy.

The Sun sheds light on the nature of your hunt and keeps you focused on the end result: you may find it helpful to follow a fixed agenda, especially when travelling, so you can keep to your chosen path.

In the Gemini portion of this asterism, after June 16th, Sun is hemmed between the benefics Mercury and Venus, giving you a pleasing and diplomatic way of speaking. This is a good time for gaining support, or stepping into a space between two competing factions and getting the best of both sides.

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