November 16 - 27

Mars, Mercury Conjunction (in Scorpio) ~ Walk a line between openness and secrecy

Mercury, planet of thought, comes together with forceful, assertive Mars in Scorpio from November 16th to 27th.

This is a great transit for mental energy and making your wishes known clearly. Part of you prefers to keep your thinking private and to rely on hints or suggestions, but you are also ready to speak up openly, and even give your orders.

Scorpio likes to maintain discretion, however, so pick your battles carefully: it’s best to have definite place or outlet for your opinions. You can complain and campaign effectively, both on your own or other people’s behalf, and make a fearless voice for a point or principle.

Your quiet intensity counts for a lot and people listen when you have something to say. Mercury and Mars are planetary enemies, so there is risk of speaking harshly, and perhaps being over-critical or airing an unpopular truth.

You get the ultimate credit for being right, but a frustrated or unspoken detail may also come out in a rash moment, where it is hard to take your words back. There is a competitive quality to your conversation, however, and an argument may arise over who is first to an idea or solution.

You have good intuition for people and puzzles, and this is an excellent time to be recognized for your problem-solving ability. Mercury and Mars also receive the steadying influence of Saturn, planet of karma, through this transit, which allows you to organize and plan ahead.

Think long-term, and don’t be discouraged if you face a lot of day-to-day admin: clearing a backlog of work frees your mind and leaves space for more creative ideas to flow in.

November 16 - December 16

Mars, Sun Conjunction (in Scorpio) ~ Act quickly and be an inspiration

The Sun, planet of light and self, comes together with dynamic Mars in Scorpio from November 16th to December 16th 2023.

This close conjunction between planetary friends also arrives in a friendly sign, and energizes both parties, giving you the potential for inspired work with a strong driving edge. You have pride invested in your work, and find success with a straightforward and assertive quality that may be missing at other times.

Though Scorpio is known for a private, even secretive style, you are direct about your desires and also bite back if anyone tries to interfere. You may hesitate at first to declare your intentions, but it is better to be open and let everybody know you are on a mission.

This transit is at its most powerful around November 22nd, when you are highly impulsive and restless. People respect that you know what you want, but be careful of coming across in an overbearing way, especially if you are in a hurry and chasing a deadline.

You can run into conflict with authority, and need a space which leaves you free to make the rules, or at least work on your own terms. Keep your cool, and try to operate to a plan.

From November 30th, Sun and Mars sit between the sweet influence of Mercury and Venus, which adds an extra-charming and diplomatic quality to your directness and dynamism. You have the ability to talk people around, and this is an excellent window for a business or romantic proposal.

You get your own way without appearing too pushy, and can make a request that sees everybody benefit.

November 16 - 27

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Scorpio) ~ Sharpen up your business skills

Mercury, planet of the mind, is conjunct with the life-giving Sun in Scorpio from November 17th to 27th, 2023.

These two planets are at opposite ends of Scorpio, in different nakshatras, and remain far enough apart not to interfere with each other’s functioning. Mercury is invigorated by the Sun’s light without being completely burnt up, and this energy lets you keep your detachment and eye for detail.

The Sun goes from Vishakha into Anuradha on November 20th, while Mercury remains in feisty, wilful Jyeshta throughout, yet both bodies being in the same sign sees a powerful energy at work. Budhaditya Yoga is a combination for mental agility and intelligence, which gives you quick study and recall, with sharp commercial instincts.

This is a good transit for education and business plans, or for working in communication or media. You can apply for a job, or get an offer from your past efforts, and you stand to attract higher income and quality investment.

Sun and Mercury both receive Saturn’s disciplined influence all through this transit, which gives you mental stamina and willpower to complete a task. You are focused and ambitious, and it may even be easier to write or consider a big, complex idea at this point than to exchange small-talk with a friend.

You are also of fixed opinion, and this mindset sees you through any times of conflict or confusion. Try not to become obsessed with a task, however, and allow yourself to take regular breaks.

Time out of study and concentration paints a recurring problem in a different light, and a solution appears after you have switched off for a while.

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