Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and ambition, is in pada four of Krittika nakshatra from October 5th 2021.

This pada relates to Pisces Navamsha, the subchart of spirituality and relationship, which gives an underlying mystical and romantic side to Rahu’s daily obsessions. Krittika is a fiery asterism symbolized by a flame or razor blade, which shows a sharp and discriminating mentality and a scenario where you want everything quickly.

Rahu is naturally drawn to the unorthodox and rebellious, so you may have a deep desire to plunge into unusual knowledge or information, and also to argue or speak up for your beliefs. Krittika’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Burn’, so between this fiery quality and the underlying Pisces navamsha, you have a volatile mixture pulling you in different directions.

There is also a dissonance between your desire for material results versus more spiritual and inner values, where Rahu is not naturally most at home. Unusual paths of psychology and self-development appeal in this transit, and you can progress further on the infinite level than on the naturally limited outer career scale.

You get to your goal by positive energy but also by subtle faith, believing in yourself and people around you, which brings out hidden depths. Rahu in Taurus is ruled by romantic Venus and also receives an extra-strong influence from this star up to October 30th, where you balance your desires with the needs of those closest to you.

You may be attracted to a maverick character from a different background, or one who has a hint of eccentricity, even danger. Be careful of making a sacrifice for your partner – Rahu carries harsh, real-world energy, and it’s best to balance a romantic approach with seeing what is really there in someone.

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