Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras from August 7th to 10th.

This double-junction area which translates to a ‘knot-end’ stretches from the final pada of Cancer-Ashlesha through the first of Leo-Magha, and has a quality of instability and karmic interference. It’s hard to commit and see the future, and contractual and media-related affairs go unexpectedly, to the point of being taken out of your hands.

Your communication changes from being all instinct and emotion in Ashlesha, where you rely on your psychic radar and gut instinct, to open, loud and proud in fiery, flamboyant Magha. This is a big jump, where the new mental atmosphere takes time to adjust to and make decisions in.

Others may be acting strangely too, or pulling out of an agreement which you thought water-tight. If a partner is out of touch, or some other complication arises, you have to adapt quickly or be left with a different deal than originally agreed.

Magha still gives you intuition, but in a different style to the wily, hypnotic energy of Ashlesha, and Mercury in the fire element also has a positive prophetic quality that sees you backing yourself in times of doubt. Leo is a fixed sign too, so you either double-down and insist on your opinion, or extricate yourself from a situation which has gone sideways.

Entering Leo-Magha by late on August 8th, Mercury joins fiery Mars and is influenced by philosophical Jupiter, so your thinking becomes doubly decisive and blessed with a broad vision. Still, take your time if you are involved in a tricky negotiation, and waiting until after August 10th lets you see more of the overall picture.

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