Mercury, planet of the mind, is conjunct with the life-giving Sun in Taurus from June 8th to 15th 2023.

This transit comes after Mercury’s two-month-plus stay in fiery, impulsive Aries, and sees a shift in your thinking towards practical affairs and material security. It’s not enough to be first or quickest anymore, you need a visible reward for your ideas and mental efforts.

Though these two planets are at opposite ends of Taurus, and in different nakshatras, there is still a powerful pattern when they are in the same zodiacal sign. Budhaditya Yoga is the Sun-Mercury combination for mental agility and sharpness, which gives you quick study and recall, with sharp business instincts.

Mercury is enlivened by the Sun’s light, yet remains distant enough that its power is not burnt or spoiled, and lets you keep your detachment and eye for detail. This is an auspicious transit for education and commercial plans, or if you are working in communication or media.

You can apply for a job, or may receive an offer spontaneously, where you attract higher income and quality investment. You can show off your artistic flair, especially for the written or spoken word, and your speech and communication have a rich, pleasing quality.

Your mind moves more slowly and deliberately in Taurus, and people appreciate that you get straight to the basic details of a question – you may also rely on a certain stubbornness to see your plans carried through.

Still, try to remain open to suggestion and allow yourself to see the other person’s point of view.

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