Venus, planet of love and relationship, is in Krittika, the nakshatra that crosses the zodiacal signs of Aries and Taurus, from June 15th 2022.

Krittika’s symbol of a Flame or Razor gives your affections a fiery and passionate texture, and its ruling deity, Agni, the personification of sacred fire, gives you a headstrong romantic quality. Venus has the capacity to cut away attachment when a relationship needs change, so you embody extremes of desire and detachment, and come out ahead even when you make sweeping changes in your relationships.

This scalpel-like discrimination is useful, but some people may still find you unpredictable. The Shakti, or special power, of this asterism is also ‘To Burn’, which for Venus can mean being deeply in love, or encountering jealousy and uncomfortable emotions that you need to work through.

In any case, a fiery scene or blow-up clears the air before you move on feeling lighter and freer. Krittika’s nature is warlike and rajasic, where you actively seek out new contacts and lovers, and may wish to make a romantic conquest – in any case you don’t sit by and hope for someone to notice you.

Your affections are impulsive and possibly a little self-centred, and though you are open and friendly and make all the effort, it’s good to keep an awareness of others’ needs. Venus is the planet of diplomacy, and you can channel your passion into a campaign for a political or social cause, or be an advocate for a personal belief.

Krittika’s flame is linked with digestive fire which is associated with food and cooking, where Venus likes to entertain and you show off your gastronomic skills. You are also hungry for knowledge and experience, as your artistic work receives a dose of fiery inspiration.

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