Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and rebellion, enters Bharani nakshatra pada four in the sign of Aries from June 14th to August 16th 2022.

Bharani means ‘she who bears’, and its symbol of a Vulva is associated with giving birth, either bearing children or coming up with creative ideas. Pada four of this asterism falls in Scorpio navamsha, which gives an extra Mars-ruled energy in addition to its current sign placement.

Your quest for difference and the exotic is impulsive and action-oriented, where you take positive steps to break out of the mundane and ordinary. You may be controlling in Rahu’s transiting area, however, and insist on doing things your own way, and people find you hard to influence or reason with.

Your desires are strong, bordering on the obsessive, and you don’t let a goal go until you have satisfied a deep urge. Be careful of this attitude if it means you can’t rest or relax, and be mindful that it’s an almost impossible task to be entirely fulfilled.

Instead, set yourself a definite target ahead of time, and cut off and move on once you have got anywhere close to it. The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism is the Power to Carry Things Away, and you are magnetically drawn to outsiders whose company lets you reinvent yourself. 

Bharani Pada four’s Scorpio-ruled energy is good for a spiritual or transformative quest, where you are uninterested in superficial appearances and insist on getting below the surface. The ruling devata here is Yama, Lord of Death, where you annihilate one desire before moving on to another and feel positively transformed in the process.

This nakshatra also has a motherly strength and protectiveness, and you may find someone coming to you for emotional support, where they appreciate your unusual strength and intensity.

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