Ketu, the shadow planet of intuition and sacrifice, is in pada three of Vishakha from June 14th to August 16th 2022, the nakshatra whose symbol is a Victory Arch.

Success comes through Ketu’s power of transcendence and seeing beauty in the world, and you attract a sense of abundance that doesn’t depend solely on the material. Pada Three of this nakshatra relates to Taurus navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and spirituality, so there’s an additional Venus-ruled focus on relationship and values, over and above Ketu’s placement in romantic Libra.

This is not the best transit for pure ambition or ego-gratification, but you make your influence felt in subtle ways where other people are not sure how you achieve the effect. Now is an excellent time for empathizing with your partner and generally seeing other people’s point of view, though you are fixed and steadfast in your loyalties.

You have an almost unconscious healing quality, where sensing what someone else is thinking and feeling makes you popular and in demand for your insight. The arts and creativity are also well-starred, where you express your imagination and gravitate towards fine-quality materials and textures.

This nakshatra is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods and Agni, the embodiment of sacred fire, so your artwork has a psychic and spiritual dimension. Vishakha’s Shakti or unique power is to ‘Achieve Many Fruits in Life’, and despite Ketu’s otherworldly nature, you are focusing on security and getting a positive reward for your efforts.

Emotional and spiritual fullness is as important as money and property. Ketu is particularly strong from June 19th to July 14th, where you have a rich and grounded inner sense and the promise of feeling at home wherever you happen to be.

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