Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is in Bharani nakshatra pada (part) three, in the sign of Aries, from August 6th to October 3rd 2023.

This pada relates to Libra navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and spirituality, which emphasises relationships, artwork and security. You are concerned with how you relate to people long-term and the shared beliefs that sit at the heart of a partnership.

Jupiter in Aries is fiery and adventurous, but this pada’s subtle Venus-ruled side appreciates security and sharing: you want closeness and affection, but also freedom and independence.

You get a sense of meaning through cooperation and seeing yourself reflected in somebody close to you, and artwork and creativity also give a perspective on your life.

Your relationship may be with a person from a different country or background, and it takes careful diplomacy to balance your contrasting visions of the future. August 10th to 11th is a good time for a conversation where you can air your views openly.

The third nakshatra of any pada is also naturally associated with the Kama quality, or Right Relationship, where you seek intimacy as part of your spiritual path.

Bharani’s name means ‘She Who Bears’ and is associated with giving birth – as in children, but also ideas and creativity – and your closest relationship may move on to another level if you consider starting or enlarging a family.

Jupiter is in a stationary position from August 21st, which gives you extra-strong focus on your personal belief-system and the ability to take your time over your ideas and education. You can study hard, explain complex ideas clearly, and make a popular coach or educator.

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