The sanskrit word mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle. Essentially, a mantra is a ‘tool or instrument of the mind’.

Chanting or writing mantras repetitively helps you focus and concentrate better and drives away distractions from the mind, enhancing productivity as your mind is calm and balanced. It also eliminates or pacifies negative thoughts and helps bring down anxiety.

There are 4 different forms of mantra practices:

Vaikhari japa repeating the mantra aloud
Upansu japawhispering the mantra
Manasika Japa – repeating the mantra inwardly or mentally
Likhita japa – writing the mantra, while simultaneously repeated mentally

You do not need to choose one method over the other, but today we talk about the power of writing mantras, known as Likhita japa.

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Why is Likhita Japa So Powerful?

If you read a book twice or even several times, you might remember some parts of it, but not the whole book. But if you yourself write the book, you’ll remember each line or word. Teachers at school even make their students repeat things so it solidifies in their mind and they can recall it later.

So, we know that writing something down is more effective than thinking about it or uttering it – it makes us focus on what we are doing, gives more purpose to it.

Vaikhari japa or Manasika japa is subtler as all the senses are withdrawn. In Likhita japa, the senses are engaged in the practice. As you write the mantra your eyes see it, your hands feel the pen and the paper, the ears hear it, the mind and intellect is in the present moment focusing on the mantra.

The practice of Likhita japa is an ancient method. The vedas were initially performed verbally, as hymns and later Sage Veda Vyasa introduced the method of writing down sacred words, such as the Mahabharata, with the help of Lord Ganesha.

The Writing of the Mahabharata

Sage Veda Vyasa was the author of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He asks Lord Ganesha to assist him in writing the text. Ganesha imposes a precondition that he would only do so if Vyasa would narrate the story without a pause.

Vyasa set a counter-condition that Ganesha understands the verses first before transcribing them. Thereafter Vyasa narrated the entire Mahābhārata as well as the vedic sanskrit texts Upanishads and the eighteen major Purāṇas, while Lord Ganesha wrote.

Likhita Japa is a Karma-Burning Process

Likhita japa is said to have a deep and profound effect and can even be more effective than reciting the mantra aloud or in your mind.

Mantra chanting itself burns karmas and when you write them, with the intention and the attention you give to the mantra whilst writing, you become immersed in the mantra and manifestation happens.

The repetition connects you with the vibrations of the mantra and it becomes meditative.

The Astrological Benefit

Likhita japa is one of the best astrology remedies as it involves the 3rd house of writing. The 3rd house is the 8th from the 8th house from the Bhavat Bhavam principle (seeing one house from another house’s perspective). So, Likhita japa is a great remedy for 8th house (transformation, endings, inheritence, investments) problems.

The mantra itself is the 5th house and the 3rd House is the 11th (gains) from the 5th house. So, astrologically, Likhita japa is extremely powerful.

The karaka (significator) for ink is Mars, the karaka for writing is Mercury, the karaka for mantra is the Sun and the spiritual benefits are attributed to Jupiter. When you do it with discipline for a long time it is beneficial for strengthening Saturn as well. The mind (Moon) gets transformed during japa and puts an end to restlessness (Rahu) and illusion (Ketu). So the full spectrum of planets are taken care of.

Lord Ganesha (the deity of Ketu) is one of the greatest scribes in the world as he wrote many Vedic books as spoken by Lord Veda Vyasa. Therefore Likhita japa is one of the best Ketu remedies.

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How to Choose a Mantra for Likhita Japa

You can choose any mantra or a mantra for what is called the Ishta Devata, the deity to whom you would normally pray to and are drawn to. The mantra can also be for your personal Guru. Many such mantras are shown for you based on your birth chart on the align27 app.

A simple one to start with and one which is quite profound is “Om Namah Shivaya”.

You can write it in your own language either 11, 21, 54 or 108 times everyday to invoke the grace of the deity.

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Dedicate a Special Book to the Purpose

Keep a special beautiful notebook or journal dedicated for the purpose of mantra writing – whether it be a collection of books each with different mantras or just one with different mantras.

Certain colours may be more conducive for you for writing mantras astrologically – so you can choose the colours most suited to you to write the mantra.

How To

  1. Once your mantra is chosen, decide how many times you are going to write it and for how long. 
  2. Take your new special book or journal that you will dedicate to this practice.
  3. Spend a few moments of quiet before you begin and remain in this space of quiet throughout the process.
  4. Visualise the deity and mentally honor them by bowing down to them.
  5. Start writing your mantra and keep your eyes fixed on this.
  6. Focus on every word that you write and let go of your thoughts. Be with the process.
  7. Repeat the Mantra mentally also while writing it in the notebook.
  8. When complete, sit quietly for a few moments.
  9. Try and write the mantras at the same time every day in your book

Note: Before writing any mantra we write a Ganesha mantra to begin with once, such as ‘Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah’.

Keep your Likhita Japa Mantra Book in a Sacred Place

You can write the mantra in your meditation space or where you usually do your spiritual practices. Treat the book with respect and purity, not leaving it on the floor or somewhere absentmindedly, perhaps on your bookshelf with spiritual literature or place it near your altar. 

As the days progress, the pages of your notebook will fill with a special favourable vibration, which has a subtle effect on the subconscious.

Bring the treasures of ancient wisdom to your life everyday.

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