Ketu, the Moon’s Node and shadow planet of spirituality and intuition, enters the first pada of Anuradha in the sign of Scorpio on December 7th 2021 until February 8th 2022.

Anuradha is an auspicious nakshatra whose symbol of a Triumphal Arch promises public success, and is also associated with good relations and personal friendship. Pada two relates to Leo navamsha – the subchart ruling marriage and spirituality – where you have an innate dramatic quality alongside Ketu’s Scorpio intensity.

Part of you is concerned with drive, transformation and getting under the surface, but you also have outward flair, charisma and the ability to inspire. This transit is good for channelling your energy into creativity and self-expression, especially in a field where you take the lead and have a visible public role.

Ketu has an intuitive side that you can use for healing and knowing instinctively what is good for someone, and going with your gut feel has a quality of rightness. The Sun-ruled Leo pada has a confident, healing quality and you are able to transfer positive vibrations simply by being around somebody.

Anuradha’s Shakti or special gift, of the Power of Devotion, so faith-healing also comes naturally, where mantras and affirmations chanted with conviction have a transforming impact on your quality of life, and that of others.

What happens during this transit comes under the general banner of Healing Arts, where one part of you is quiet and intuitive, but another relies on fiery strength of will. Ketu is in Scorpio alongside its ruling star Mars until January 17th, which gives you even greater willpower combined with impatience.

This combination can make you slightly careless and wasteful in your energy, however, so keep your focus, and make all your actions deliberate and thought-through.

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