Venus, planet of romance and values, is in Sagittarius-Mula from January 18th to 29th 2024, the nakshatra associated with essentials and foundations.

Mula’s Shakti, or special gift, ‘To Ruin and Tear Apart’ sees you using this transit creatively to clear out old attachments and let in positive new romantic energy. The symbol here of a Root shows Mula’s position at the astronomical centre of our Galaxy, with its nature to explore issues deeply and thoroughly.

This is a good time to drill down past superficial appearances and get into the heart of your relationship. You are a romantic purist, and enter into a partnership for its own sake, rather than any selfish or external benefit.

Luxury-loving Venus does not sit naturally in such a setting, but you enjoy stripping things back and mixing only with those who truly understand. You may pass up regular frills and trappings, and even your wider social life, and indulge the company of outsiders and especially those with unique ideas about the world.

Venus receives the influence of benevolent Jupiter all through this transit, giving you warmth and openness, but may also bring a clash of values, especially where family is concerned. Allow your closest friends greater freedom, and you can also find different company or breathe new life into an existing love affair.

Mula is identified with Goddess Alakshmi who governs shortage and privation, so this is not the best time for indulgence or financial speculation. It’s a better time to strip down and simplify your lifestyle, and instead of financial or ego reward, expressing yourself creatively comes more for the love of your art.

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