Sun, Rahu conjunction (in Aries) ~ Pride meets deep desire

The Sun, planet of light and self, comes together with Rahu, symbol of desire and rebellion, from April 15th to May 15th 2023.

This transit plays up your unorthodox side, where you identify with a left-field cause or belief, and put energy into chasing your most deeply-held ambitions. Your pursuit may come with some tension or anxiety, and is accompanied by a driven mentality that gets you results but perhaps no inner peace.

An irresistible urge to break out of a traditional framework creates friction with authority, but you also understand business, politics, and the way the real-world works. The Sun is at its most powerful in Aries, where you have great potential to work, create and influence, and any behaviour change is likely to be public and visible.

This sign gives you impulsivity and courage, and you also have a leadership ability that inspires others to go against the flow. There is an increase in intensity up to April 24th, and this date may see you or somebody close to you, acting markedly out of character.

A ‘moment of madness’ comes from the collision of ego and opportunity, as a desire reaches a point of obsession. Expect also to receive tempting offers during this transit, a promotion, pay-raise or the chance for exposure, but check any possible deals for long-term impact.

There is often a hidden cost with Rahu’s influence especially, and you do not want to compromise your reputation. Think long-term. This is also an ‘eclipse season’ with the Solar Eclipse on April 20th and the Lunar Eclipse on May 5th, which are both potentially pivotal moments that require careful handling.

Sun, Mercury conjunction (in Aries) ~ Think smart and hard

Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the all-powerful Sun in Aries from April 15th to May 15th 2023.

This combination gives you pride in your thinking and communication, and may inspire you to find a new solution to an old or intractable problem. Sun and Mercury are planetary enemies, so while it’s a challenge to reconcile their intuitive and intellectual natures, there are definite rewards at this time.

Budhaditya Yoga, is a combination for academic study, clear speech and commercial skill, and with the Sun in Aries at its most focused and charismatic, you have the courage to pursue a difficult question and back yourself against opposing views.

Mercury is in Aries for an extended period and its retrograde motion starting April 22nd is a turning point. You seek to move forwards and break new academic or business ground, but may have to review your ideas – if not have a total rethink.

Keep an open mind, but if anything, hold fast to your original ideas at this point. This conjunction is at its closest from May 1st to 3rd, where Mercury is completely obscured in the Sun’s brightness, and you should pay special attention to detail.

Write down any passing idea that may be revived later. Sun and Mercury are also under the gaze of cool, karmic Saturn through this whole transit, which gives you patience, persistence, and the ability to meet a deadline.

This influence takes the edge off Aries’s impulsiveness and allows you to think strategically and professionally. Strike a balance between seizing the moment versus thinking through consequences, and don’t be afraid to negotiate hard on a deal if your first offer isn’t right.

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