Saturn, planet of karma and success, is pada two of Shatabhishak, from April 16th to August 22nd 2023.

Saturn is doubly strong and stable, both in this sign and nakshatra pada, which relates to Capricorn navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune. The Lord of Karma’s underlying strength gives you stability and the ability to plan ahead in a careful and strategic way.

Though you may be working very hard on different fronts, you get excellent value for your efforts, and don’t mind deferred gratification when it gets you to the next level. You can succeed in business and your personal life, where your relationships are straightforward and singled-out by commitment and maturity.

Shatabhishak’s name translates literally to ‘One Hundred Physicians’, and its Shakti or special quality, for Healing, gives you an interest in wellness and lifestyle, along with a gift for simply making people feel better. You may take extra responsibility for a friend or family member, and truly go the extra mile for anyone in need.

You are also disciplined about your own wellbeing and last the course with a new diet or regime that otherwise might not stick. Ultimately, you are pragmatic, and believe in any medicine that gives you tangible, real-world results.

Shatabhishak’s symbol of an empty circle or horizon, also has a mystical quality with scope for esoteric discussion, though Saturn tends towards conservative thought and tradition. Any doubt or scepticism on your part comes from exploring the issues thoroughly, but still, try to remain open and not create unnecessary tension in debate.

This nakshatra’s ruler Varuna, God of the Oceans, suggests an experience of water – swimming or drinking – or else symbolically ‘inner travelling’ in the inner pool of meditation.

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