Saturn, planet of karma, boundaries and success, is retrograde in Aquarius from June 17th until November 4th 2023.

This is Saturn’s annual five-month backwards phase, where key issues of the year so far repeat and are established for the long term. As well as the usual idealistic Aquarian outlook, you are concerned with establishing your boundaries, and setting up a professional system to maintain order.

Strong by sign, Saturn retrograde often complicates or frustrates your aims, and you rethink your strategy or even go back and start again. Don’t rush or try to take shortcuts, and a karmic quality to the time means you can take all the necessary steps at home or in business, but still find an unexpected outcome.

Prepare to accept whatever result comes. Saturn remains in Shatabishta up to October 15th, the nakshatra whose symbol of an empty circle or horizon, gives you a masterclass in its mystical and practical themes. Shatabishta’s Shakti, or special quality, for Healing, may also see you adopting a long-term diet or wellness program, on the slow road to recovery.

Saturn receives the gaze of dynamic Mars altogether up to August 19th, and you strike a balance between taking the initiative and a more conservative approach that consolidates your gains. Be careful of a clash with authority at this time.

This transit is also influential in relationship from early July until mid-August, and especially from October 10th to 16th. You may have to choose between love and work at this point, and generally put more effort into relating and being understood by people closest to you.

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