Mercury, the planet of media and commerce, enters the nakshatra of Magha in the sign of Leo from July 19th until August 22nd.

Magha translates to ‘The Grand’ and its symbol of a Royal throne room makes your communication confident and outgoing. You arrive at decisions by intuitive certainty, where you sense the answer to any question in advance and defy anyone to disagree. This extended transit includes Mercury’s retrograde phase from August 5th and focuses on staying mentally strong and upbeat about the future, though you also need flexibility if your plans are blocked or delayed.

Keep an open mind at the retrograde point and leave yourself room to manoeuvre. You would usually declare the truth in a bold way, but it pays to hedge a little, and you can still take pride in your beliefs and take centre-stage in a debate: Magha has a natural dramatic flair, where you inject a theatrical touch into your everyday conversation, or even take on an actual artistic or acting role.

People respond to your fiery rhetoric and you can talk and win opponents around to your point of view. You love to point to an achievement everyone can see and give support and encouragement to friends and co-workers to do the same. Mercury also receives the influence of sober Saturn through this whole transit, which gives you a realistic and serious attitude to your work and study.

You may have to persist in the face of criticism or lack of understanding from authority, but upping your work level and meeting a deadline gets results that might not have come in easier times.

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