What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for November.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

November 3 – 14
Venus in Vishakha ~ Achieve a romantic victory

Keep high romantic standards, Have a goal to work towards with focus, Weigh up your relationships in a wise and measured way.

Don’t get drawn into other people’s power games, Don’t get caught up in jealousy or possessiveness.

November 6 – 19
Sun in Vishakha ~ Shine your light on Victory

Be courageous, decisive, and chase up your goals with energy, Develop awareness of other people’s needs and feelings, Take pleasure in the success of others, Pace yourself and prepare for a longer course to victory than you expect.

November 7 – 15
Mercury in Vishakha ~ Mental victory and high achievement

Use your campaigning talents in a political ideal or outlook, Make your proposals a mutual victory, Use your powers of concentration for studying and research, Be on the lookout for ulterior motives in a political scenario, Explore your creative touch at work.

November 8
Lunar Eclipse in Bharani ~ Give birth to a new you

Favor inner exploration over new ventures and business, Practise yoga, meditation and spiritual work, Sleep on any far-out ideas for a couple days before actioning them, Treat any offer or ultimatum you receive with caution, Make an effort to eliminate old thinking and behaviour from your routine.

November 13 – January 12, 2023
Mars Retrograde in Taurus ~ Slow and steady success

Pick a project that suits a slow build, Handle any pushy, assertive energy carefully, Draw on all your resources when confronted with an obstacle, Keep your focus and don’t change stream halfway through, Showcase your artistic or creative skills.

November 14 – 24
Venus in Anuradha ~ Victory through love and friendship

Handle possible suspicion or jealousy carefully, Create alliances and collaborations, Step up and take responsibility for a group with patience , Maintain friendships and relationships, Avoid favoritism.

November 15 – 24
Mercury in Anuradha ~ Sending a signal of cooperation

Embrace your flair for business and networking, Put your message across in an upbeat way, Get behind a cause, special person or philosophy, Expand your friendships, Travel or go abroad for fun or career.

Don’t get too fanatical about your views.

November 19 – December 3
Sun in Anuradha ~ Belief brings victory

Tap into enhanced faith and spirituality, Use your intuition to understand someone else’s point of view, Take a trip away in good company, Consider a move of home or work for bigger prospects, Be adventurous.

November 24 – December 3
Mercury in Jyeshta ~ Be the voice of experience

Step up as a spokesperson, Do what you can to boost your income, Use the media to extend your reach, Speak up for a friend in need of help, Keep a sense of humour.

Don’t be too fixed or inflexible.

November 24 – December 5
Venus in Jyeshta ~ Fight a romantic battle

Be mature in your romantic relationship, Protect those close to you, Tackle an uncomfortable situation tactfully, Channel your energy into creativity.

November 30 – December 5
Mercury in Gandanta ~ From instinct to higher thinking

Be conscious of communications, Understand that contractual affairs may go unexpectedly, Shift your thinking from gut instinct to academic study.

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