Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Pisces from March 17th to March 31st 2023.

This is a combination of planetary opposites in many ways, with Mercury focusing on the fine details, while Jupiter looks at the bigger picture. These two planetary enemies also perform very differently in Pisces, where Mercury struggles with intuition and blurred boundaries, while Jupiter is perfectly at home using faith and a sense of divine wisdom.

You may go from excessive doubt to broad over-confidence, and it’s hard to make a practical start until you have the facts in the right proportion. Jupiter’s strength by sign lifts Mercury’s level through this transit, however, and allows you to grasp a new subject instinctively, without understanding rationally how you do it.

At its best, this pairing gives you imagination and mental confidence, especially if you are studying academically or writing or doing other creative work. You also have powers of empathy and the gift for putting into words a sensation or experience that others find hard to express.

This is a good time to plan a media project or major think-piece, though it may be as well to talk to a mentor figure or consult an outside opinion who acts as the voice of reason. Check the fine print in any offer or potential investment, as you are inclined to take things at face value without considering the real-world fallout.

As this transit peaks around March 27th to 29th, you may even have a moment of lasting mystical insight which you can write down and share with the world. Pull all your arguments together and understand that you have to persuade outsiders with facts and evidence, as well as a shining fantasy future.

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