Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and difference, enters Bharani nakshatra pada three in the sign of Aries from Aug 16th to Oct 18th 2022.

Bharani means ‘she who bears’, and its symbol of a Vulva is associated with giving birth, either in the sense of creative ideas, or actually bearing children. Pada three of Bharani falls in Libra navamsha, which adds an underlying pleasure-loving Venus-ruled energy alongside its fiery sign-placement.

Your quest for change and the exotic is focused around relationship, where you take steps to break out of the mundane and ordinary. Bharani lends a motherly quality, and you may find someone unexpectedly coming to you for emotional support, or new inspiration when their tried-and-trusted path has fallen short.

A partner may be surprised at your taboo-busting style and taste for excitement and new experience. The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism, the Power to Carry Things Away, sees you magnetically drawn to an outsider or a character from a different culture or background.

The ruling devata here, Yama, Lord of Death sees you eliminating one ambition completely before moving on to another, feeling positively transformed in the process. Rahu’s current sign ruler Mars remains in Taurus for this whole transit, which also gives you a practical, sensual and stubborn streak.

Though you use your energy to be adventurous and rebellious, you also have the ability to persevere and lay down solid foundations in your new direction. Try to act to a plan, and be careful of exceeding your own limits, else you become positively obsessed with a single goal or person.

Bharani Pada three’s Libra-ruled energy is also good for campaigning and taking the lead in business, no matter how polite and diplomatic you appear on the surface.

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