Sun, the planet of soul and self-expression, travels through Ardra within the sign of Gemini from June 21st to July 5th.

This nakshatra’s nature is sharply different to the traditional light, bubbly Gemini image, and takes you into deeper territory where your intuition comes into play. The Sun fights a symbolic battle wherever it movesand it illuminates areas of life that many people prefer not to face.

You may feel inwardly flooded, or at least pulled between great extremes of feeling at first cool and detached, then intense and highly strung. Ardra’s ruler, Rudra, the Storm God, and its symbol, the Teardrop, also represent a cathartic moment where you are overwhelmed by powerful emotions, before emerging feeling lighter and easier.

This is much like sunlight coming out after a thunderstorm, and the Sun’s entry into this nakshatra is sometimes used to time the start of monsoon season. You have nerve and willpower, and Ardra’s Shakti, or special gift, for ‘Effort’, sees you stepping up to a difficult task that wins you admirers. You have a real heroic quality that also puts you in touch with other people’s struggles, and this quality sets you apart.

The Full Moon on June 22nd is a time of special heightened emotion, where you achieve one goal and also disengage from past, difficult memories. From June 29th, the Sun sits between the soft, thoughtful energies of Mercury and Jupiter, and this is a good period for studying, or simply enjoying a stimulating conversation.

You are deeply curious about knowledge for its own sake, and doing your own research sheds sunlight on a hidden subject.

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