The Sun, symbol of the soul and self-expression, is in Bharani nakshatra, in the zodiacal sign of Aries from April 27th to May 11th 2022.

Bharani represents ambition and the original struggle for life, its name means ‘she who bears’ and its symbol, a Yoni, is associated giving birth – both literally, as in bearing children and in the sense of making plans and creative ideas.

The Sun is also in its sign of exaltation, which gives you power, energy and presence: you have leadership ability and can inspire by example. Bharani’s ruling deity is Yama, Lord of Death, which suggests every time you create something (or someone) new, you must leave the old and outworn behind.

The Shakti of this asterism is ‘the power to carry things away’, in the sense of a soul journey, or a situation where something – or maybe someone – is removed from your life. Bharani represents the transition from one state to another, where you give up what you are now for what you might one day become.

This transformation can be unsettling or painful at first, and requires courage and a leap of faith which is especially relevant to the Sun, the planet at the heart of your horoscope. Free yourself of attachment in the beginning and make space for the new to be born: attaining your goals gives you a feeling of purification and release.

Despite its Fierce and Rajasic nature, Bharani possesses a maternal quality, with a gift for home making and hospitality, and you may be doing extra duty as a parent or taking a sympathetic role at your workplace.

The Sun also moves alongside shadowy Rahu during this transit, getting closer up to May 12th, and you may be drawn to an unusual idea or inspiration from a foreign or exotic source.

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