Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and imagination, shifts into the third Pada of Jyeshta in the sign of Scorpio from November 25th to January 27th.

Jyeshta is The Elder, ruled by Indra, King of the Gods, which gives you wisdom and authority both at home and at work, and Ketu shows you with a mystical outlook on life.

Pada three of this asterism falls in Aquarius Navamsa – the relationship and spirituality subchart – which gives you a strong humanitarian instinct and a taste for sharing group activities. You may be campaigning for a cause and are interested in re-organizing society on a fairer and more idealistic level. You may be interested in science and technology, where Ketu combines the scholarly with the mystical and gives you intuitive insight into a complex problem.

Jyeshta’s symbol of the Umbrella also shows a spiritual level of protection, which you want to extend to a group of people that you feel an affinity with. Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs, which gives you strength in your convictions, but also makes you stubborn: realize that others have their own interests and concepts, and that you can learn from interaction as well.

Jyeshta’s Shakti or special gift, is for Courage in Battle, so as well as noble aims, you have fighting instincts, which you may use on someone else’s behalf, or for the underdog in any situation. Ketu is also a significator of eclipses, so you will find sudden changes arriving in your Scorpio area, a process that may lead you to discover what you need and what you can manage without.

The Solar Eclipse in this nakshatra on December 14th, brings an opportunity for intense spiritual practice and getting psychic insight in true Ketu style.

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