Jupiter, planet of faith and philosophy, is in the first pada of Shravana in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn from January 7th to 21st. 

Shravana is an auspicious Vishnu-ruled nakshatra which is symbolized by the Ear, and associates with wisdom, learning, and especially oral knowledge. Though Capricorn is not its natural sign territory, Jupiter has an affinity in this asterism and this transit gives you a flair for assimilating and sharing information, which is where success is likely to come and find you. Pada one of Shravana is ruled by Aries navamsha, so as well as breadth of thought and erudition you have an adventurous and enterprising streak.

You may wish to take up an ambitious new course of study or to set yourself up as a teacher or mentor figure, where the impulsive Mars-like quality of this pada gives you courage to try something different. A situation where before you may have hesitated and looked for support now sees you with the impetus to follow your own star. There may also be a competitive edge to your work now.

Shravana’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Connection, so you can join together with
others of like mind and perhaps carry out a plan as part of a group. This also requires bravery and initiative, and any structures or business you set up now, or knowledge you acquire, has a lasting quality which combines the best of old and new energy.  So decide whether to go with a corporate feeling or act solo, and here you must listen to your inner voice and tune out other people’s doubts and negative messages.

This is a great transit for public speaking, persuasion and oratory and also for spiritual practices like mantra-chanting, particularly when used in a regular and focused way.

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