Too many things on your to do list? People demanding too many things from you? Juggling family life and work life and it’s all becoming a bit too much? These are all things (plus more) that can contribute to us having a stressful day.

Sometimes we just need to charge our mental batteries and sometimes we just need to offload our work load to someone else – and sometimes, a lot of times, it could just be about aligning with your astrology.

Here are 5 micro steps you can take to help turn around a stressful day using the ancient wisdom of astrology:

1. Draw an Animal

Draw, paint or trace the animal connected to your Moon nakshatra (you can find your Moon nakshatra here.

The Moon is the mind, and the nakshatra (Moon mansion) connected with the Moon in our birth chart can have a strong impact on our state of mind, it has the ability to bring peace and also the ability to bring turbulence at times.

Each nakshatra is strongly connected to an animal and this animal carries the energy of the Nakshatra – so, by drawing, or tracing or colouring-in the animal, it can help bring about the positive energy of that nakshatra, that can in turn help calm the anxiety and the stress you may be feeling.

2. Buy Food or Drink or Donate to Others

When you donate or buy food for someone it increases your fortune for happiness and comfort to occur in your life.

The 4th house in vedic astrology represents our warmth and happiness, the 9th house represents our fortune and the 12th house represents donation. If you notice, the 9th from the 4th is the 12th house, which means the fortune of your 4th house of happiness increases when you donate.

For example, we know the 9th house is the house of fortune, so, if you take any house in the birth chart, the 9th from it will represent the fortune of that house.

So, if you are feeling stressed and you reach out and donate towards a worthy cause, by doing so you not only trigger the opportunity to change that stress into happiness, but you in turn are helping others at the same time.

3. Conscious Walking

The emotions we feel when we are stressed, such as feeling disconnected, anxious or lonely are represented by the 12th house.

The 12th house in astrology represents our feet and walking and Saturn is a significator for the 12th house, which means it’s the planet that can cause events to occur.

Conscious Step by Step Walking is an excellent remedy for Saturn, along with the 8 Walk, so when we walk consciously for a few minutes, with complete attention and awareness, it can bring with it patience and perseverance, which are qualities Saturn wants us to learn, and we can in turn remedy these 12th house emotions. 

Jupiter rules and gives its qualities to the 12th house and is also the ruler of Pisces, which sits in the 12th house and Venus is exalted (happiest) in the 12th house.

When performed with sincerity, humility and devotion it can ignite unconditional love, gratitude and patience within us.

4. Silence is King

If you look at your birth chart, the 8th house is usually the house that triggers the stress in our lives – be it causing anger or creating sudden transformations that we are not prepared for – we need to keep the 8th house happy to relieve this stress.

A simple yet powerful remedy is to be silent. Why so? Well, the 2nd house is the house of speech and exactly opposite to the 2nd house is the 8th house, the opposite of speech is silence, so the 8th house also represents silence. By being silent we can nullify or resolve the stress that the 8th house is causing.

5. Align with the Ruling Planet of the Hour

Planets guide, nurture, teach and guide us – each hour is ruled and influenced by a different planet and when we can align with the nature of the ruling planet, it supports us in unimaginable ways, even relieving us from stressful situations.

Try aligning with hora (planet of the hour) with these activities below. You can see the planet that is ruling each hour on the align27 app and even get notifications when the hora changes to be in perfect harmony with the cosmos.

Sun hora – listen to music or play an instrument.

Moon hora – do anything that nurtures, care for plants, nurture yourself, nurture others.

Venus hora – do something creative, cook, draw, read / write a poem.

Mars hora – do something physical, go for a jog, exercise at home.

Mercury hora – write something, watch something that will make you laugh from the stomach, organise something.

Jupiter hora – read spiritual knowledge, listen to chants, meditate.

Saturn hora – clean, work, do something for someone without expecting anything in return, declutter.

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