Venus and Mars, the planets of love and desire, peace and war, are conjunct in Leo from July 7th to August 7th 2023.

New York, USA
Mars in Leo – Jun 30, 2023 04:47 pm to Aug 18, 2023 06:24 am
Venus in Leo – Jul 6, 2023 06:35 pm to Aug 7, 2023 01:31 am

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This transit is most intense at its start, with the pair sitting closely together, before they gradually separate as Venus goes retrograde by July 23rd.  Make sure you don’t act too hastily around this date especially, when you want to break the ice but not give the wrong impression.

Though Venus and Mars are a classic combination, they are actually planetary enemies, whose way of operating requires a fine balance. This is a transit for seeking people out proactively and making things happen, but don’t let your desire for company lead you into a situation you wouldn’t usually go.

The conjunction in Leo can create an even more intense rivalry than usual, where even your partner tries to outshine you, and you need to raise your level and performance to be noticed. You can do something striking and different with your image and appearance, and channelling your energy into arts and drama also gives potentially outstanding results.

Be mindful of any potential romantic jealousy, however, especially where an impulsive attraction arises or somebody acts in an up-front and demanding way. Use all your diplomacy, and be alive to a sudden opportunity you may wish to explore later.

You like a partner who is generous and charismatic, especially in Magha, the nakshatra symbolized by the Royal Throne Room, up to July 25th. Venus and Mars receive the influence of open, adventurous Jupiter through this whole transit, peaking on August 1st, which gives you extra courage and confidence to open a new romantic chapter.

Rituals and Remedies for Venus and Mars in Leo

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  1. Leo, as the 5th house of the zodiac, is associated with the chanting and reciting of mantras. During Venus hora (hour), chant the mantra “Om Mahalakshmaye Namaha,” and during Mars hora, chant “Om Saravana Bhava” to harness its positive energies.
  2. Stay focused when driving and don’t get tangled into any agreements or heated conversations while driving or traveling to ensure safe driving – you can listen to the Margabandhu Stotram chant before you start your journey.
  3. Incorporate dance-related workouts into your routine to effectively counteract any negative energy caused by this planetary combination. Dancing helps release stress and brings joy and vitality, balancing the intense energies of Mars and Venus in Leo.
  4. Light a lamp or candle facing the southeast direction to invoke the energies of Mars and Venus. A lamp represents the fire element (agni tattva) associated with Mars, while the southeast direction is ruled by Venus. You can perform this ritual during Mars or Venus hora.
  5. During the duration of this conjunction, consider giving up your favorite food as a symbolic sacrifice. If eliminating a favorite food item from your diet is not possible then you can choose to eliminate it on Tuesdays and Fridays, aligning with the ruling days of Mars and Venus, respectively. This practice demonstrates self-discipline and helps balance the energies of Mars and Venus in Leo.
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