An ancient practice in India, and many other cultures, is to walk around a sacred object (a deity, parents, rivers, mountains, a plant or tree, temples) as a form of expressing gratitude and honor, with careful, consciously taken steps in a clockwise direction.

Conscious Step by Step Walking is also an excellent remedy for Saturn, along with the 8 Walk. Here’s why:

The 12th house in astrology represents our feet and Saturn is a significator for the 12th house, which in astrological terms means it’s the planet that causes an event to occur.

Jupiter rules and gives its qualities to the 12th house and is also the ruler of Pisces, which sits in the 12th house. Venus is exalted in the 12th house, which means it’s at its happiest here.

So what does this all mean?

When we do the Conscious Step by Step Walk with complete attention and awareness, it can bring with it patience, perseverance, persistence and concentration, which are qualities Saturn wants us to learn and for which he is the giver of.

It is also a form of “tapasya”, a practical spiritual discipline that involves austerity/moderation and self discipline. Saturn is the planet that enables and wants us to do tapasya.

When performed with sincerity, humility and devotion it can ignite unconditional love within us, for the divine, for god, for nature and for the people around us, activating Venus, in the house when he’s at his best.

How to do the Conscious Step by Step Walk

Saturn likes a challenge and likes to create obstacles for us so that we are forced to go through the obstacle and learn from it. The Conscious Step by Step Walk acts as a remedy for Saturn because it goes beyond just walking in a circle and challenges us to walk with considered effort.

Called Adi (step) Pradakshina (the path surrounding something), the Conscious Step by Step Walk can be done for a few minutes every day at home, outdoors or in a temple by following these simple steps:

  1. If you are doing it at home, keep your favorite sacred object, such as a deity, plant or symbol, as the central point and stand so it’s to the right of your shoulder.
  2. Close your eyes and keep a strong intention of what you desire, and surrender it to the sacred object.
  3. You will be walking around the sacred object in a clockwise direction.
  4. Start with your right foot and bring your left foot directly in front of your right foot, so the left heel lightly touches the toe of your right foot.
  5. Then bring the right foot in front of the left foot in the same way.
  6. Continue in this way as you walk around the sacred object, heel to toe all the way around for a few minutes.
  7. It is important to do this silently and  maintain silence and keep your attention on the sacred object in the center during this process.

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