Saturn, planet of boundaries, karma and success, is in the second pada of  Shravana in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn from February 20th until March 25th 2021.

This section of Shravana is ruled by Taurus navamsha – the underlying chart ruling relationships and the astral body – which here has an especially earthy and security-conscious tone. Saturn’s realistic nature is already at home in Capricorn and the subtle Taurus quality in this pada gives you a practical orientation with a gift for organization.

You are fixed in your intentions to the point of stubbornness and nothing deflects you from your end goal. Shravana’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Connection, so you can use this combination to bring people together, where the Venus-ruled Taurean quality sees you make lasting bonds.

Either on a romantic level, or in a more ambitious style where you cultivate the right people and use diplomacy to pool your talents together. Taurus-Venus also brings a theme of fine-quality and aesthetics where you can work hard at a creative project and deliver it to deadline.

Saturn provides the structure and means you don’t mind deferring gratification, but Taurus likes comfort, so there is a balance to strike. Work hard but not too hard, and give yourself a proper reward at the end of the day. Shravana is symbolized by the Ear, and symbolizes wisdom and learning, especially through the spoken word, so you pick up knowledge that you can apply in a practical way, especially around the arts and literature.

You can use your voice very effectively, or write well, perhaps even branching out into poetry or song. Public speaking, lecturing and studying are also favoured, as well as mantra-chanting and kirtan, which you can use to affirm your ambitions.

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