On February 11th 2021 a unique Hindu tradition is celebrated called “Mauni” or “Mauna Amavasya”.

It usually falls on the fifteenth day during the dark fortnight in the month of January/February and is observed on the no-Moon day, known as Amavasya. It is also known as Magha Amavasya as it is usually observed during the month of Magha.

The word “mauni’ or “mauna’ signifies silence, so on this special day it is the perfect time to observe silence in your own life, to attain a calm and restless mind. A day dedicated to spiritual practices and to gain knowledge and happiness in our lives.

‘Ama’ means together and ‘Vasya’ means to live. It means to ‘live’ or ‘dwell’ together. Therefore Amavasya means to co-exist with absolute silence – silence with the ever-jumping mind by restraining it through Mauna or silence.

It is believed that the water of the most sacred and holy river in Hinduism, the Ganga, turns into the nectar on Mauni Amavasya day. Therefore it is also considered the most important day in Hindu calendar to take a holy dip in the river Ganges, often resulting in millions gathering on its banks known as the Kumbh Mela festival.

This year Mauni Amavasya is even more significant as Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury will all gather in Capricorn from 9th-11th February – a transit that will impact the whole world. It will effect many facets of our responsibilities, actions, karmas and dharma (cosmic law).

Below are some rituals that you can do to align with this special day. You can also find these in the rituals section of the align27 app.

If you have pitra dosha (an astrological combination in a chart that occurs due to the actions of ancestors), kaal sarp dosha (a malefic astrological combination of planets in a chart related to past deeds or karma) or grahan dosha (when born during a Solar or Lunar eclipse) or any malefic ‘yogas’, then it would be even more beneficial for you to follow all these rituals, in particular the silence, meditation, prayer and fasting.

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