Ketu, the Moon’s South Node, and planet of spirituality and escape, is in pada two of Swati from February 20th to Apr 24th 2023, the nakshatra ruled by Vayu, the Wind God.

Otherworldly Ketu’s focus on breath is associated with mantra-chanting, and particularly pranayama, the timeless yogic technique which gives you rich consciousness-raising experience.

Pada Two of this nakshatra is ruled by Capricorn navamsha, the marriage and good fortune chart, so as well as spirituality and self-development, you have promise for practical advancement and also to do excellent business.

This balance may take some work at first, but you need an occupation you are genuinely invested in and which appeals to your idealism as well as material needs. You can use your voice to great effect, and speak harmoniously or make a sound argument, and combine the best of creative and worldly efforts.

Pada Two is also linked with the Artha tendency, associated with wealth-creation and security, which suits the ambitious, organized Capricorn rulership, and you are good at monetizing your skills.

This nakshatra is also associated with Saraswati, Goddess of the Arts, so your self-expression has great promise and you may embrace a form of healing art or therapy that provides help and support.

Swati’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Scatter Like the Wind’, so you have a wide variety of interests and are open to speculation in search of your best possible vocation.

Ketu’s nature needs to be properly focused, and the Saturn-ruled Capricorn underpinning here ensures your scattered approach is done according to a clear strategy. Follow up on all leads and use your energy and imagination.

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