Rahu is in pada four of Ashwini from February 20th to April 24th, the first nakshatra in the first zodiacal sign, which is associated with courage and impulsiveness.

Ashwini’s symbol of a Horse represents speed and power, while its Shakti, or special gift, for Quick Action, finds you using Rahu’s contrary nature to get a new plan moving. Pada Four of this asterism is ruled by Cancer navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, giving you an underlying sensitivity and emotional depth.

You combine combative Aries energy with protective Cancerian instincts, especially in a relationship, and may seek to create a new home or secure retreat. Cancer is conservative type of sign, quite attached to the past, but if you have felt stuck, limited, or the regular route isn’t working for you, it could be time to bust out of the box.

You have an appetite to confound taboo and go against the flow, and perhaps reach for a job or relationship that always seemed improbable or fantastic. Along with its more obvious daredevil moves, Ashwini is sattvic and earthy and known for good manners and a conciliatory approach, while this pada’s underlying Moon-ruled quality gives you intuition and sensitivity.

Its lordship by the Ashvini Kumaras, the heavenly physicians, has an association with healing and looking after people which is also enhanced by Cancer navamsha. The fourth nakshatra pada is linked to the Moksha tendency and shows an inclination towards otherworldly pursuits, escape and spirituality.

From March 12th to April 6th, Rahu moves alongside Venus, planet of love and art, which puts an additional focus on your relationships. You have a caring and supportive attitude toward your partner, but also like to free yourself of routine and perhaps look to get closer to somebody on a different level.

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