Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Hasta nakshatra from September 8th to 17th, in the zodiacal sign of Virgo.

Your thinking in this period has the backing of Mercury in its practical and intelligent best sign, where you not only pick up new information quickly but know how to use it.

Hasta especially relates to the hand, in the sense of handicraft and fine work, but also a potentially grasping nature which does not easily let go. You may encounter such characters and have to bargain hard to get your fair share or to free yourself from a business deal.

Hasta has Rajasic, passionate energy, where you come across greed, anger, and a symbolic connection to a closed fist – try to use your brains, not muscle. People also resort to sleight of hand to get an advantage – Mercury is naturally associated with rogues and tricksters – and in this asterism, someone may be using any means to get ahead.

Hasta’s Shakti, or a unique gift, is the ‘power to put things in your own hand’, so you can think smart to manifest your intentions and set big plans in motion. On Saturday 12th, Mercury goes over its highest degree of exaltation which is a good time to make a decision or speak your truth about an issue. This is also an auspicious time to start a new venture, especially anything media or communication-related, and people seek you out for counsel or advice on a specialized matter.

Hasta, naturally, is also linked to Palmistry and by extension to other forms of divination, like astrology, so it may be good to get a consultation to plan your future. This step can also be a way into studying these esoteric sciences for yourself, where Mercury gives you clarity and judgment.

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