Jupiter, the planet of protection and expansion, is in Pada (part) Three of Krittika, in the sign of Taurus, from May 15th to 29th 2024.

Krittika is represented by a Flame or Razor and its ruling deity Agni embodies sacred fire. Pada three of this asterism relates to Aquarius navamsa, the subtle chart of marriage and underlying strength, where you have an idealistic and humanitarian approach to knowledge.

In a relationship especially, you may be attracted to friendship over pure romance, and feel an affinity with a group of people as opposed to one individual. Knowledge and long-term partnerships must be progressive and future-oriented, though you apply your dream to the real world as well.

You may join a political movement or be generous on behalf of a particular section of people, maybe outsiders in some way. Pada three of a nakshatra relates to the Kama, or desire tendency in life, which is fulfilled through a spiritual type of relationship.

Jupiter moving alongside its planetary friend, the Sun, through this transit, promises confidence and a sense of adventure. You think big and find new belief in yourself to break out of limitations. Jupiter also comes together with romantic Venus from May 19th, which has a healing and liberating effect on your love life.

You enjoy the company of people from different countries and are attracted to a certain kind of teacher or knowledge. Taking a holiday broadens your horizons and a group experience ties in with the subtle Aquarian flavour of this transit.

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