Venus, planet of relationship, comes together with shadowy Ketu in Virgo from November 3rd to 29th 2023.

This conjunction gives you an open and self-effacing approach in love, and a desire to put somebody else above you. You may project wonderful qualities on to a friend or partner, and find an unspoken rapport that is peculiar and exceptional.

There is an element of fate to your relating, where a potential love interest arrives to teach or share a lesson with you. This relationship may appear strange from the outside, even to you yourself, though you give generously, especially when your partner needs help and support.

A spiritual atmosphere makes any romantic sacrifice worth it, and you share a world-view, or perhaps an interest in creativity and the arts. Your own self-expression is on a high and you can produce high-quality and inspired artwork.

Venus in Virgo tends to over-analyse people and situations, so don’t look for a trap or pitfall that does not exist. Make sure to protect yourself: Ketu is symbolically headless, and can blind you to potential romantic risk, or make you pursue a wrong path.

Be mindful also of lapsing into an old relationship pattern, where you are led unconsciously and have gone astray in the past. You can break a cycle of destructive behaviour, but it takes willpower to persist in a direction that at first seems to lead away from your desire.

You have diplomatic and communication skill, especially up to November 6th, and a psychic sensitivity that sees you anticipate other people’s needs.

This transit reaches maximum power on November 26th-29th, where a sudden moment gives insight into somebody which is clearer and more direct than words.

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