The Sun, planet of light and self, is in Vishakha from November 6th to 20th 2023, where the Sun emerges from its place of debilitation and picks up strength in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

You go from indecision and reliance on other people’s opinion, to courage, decisiveness, and chasing up your goals with energy. Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, a fusion of Indra, chief of the Gods, and Agni, which is Divine Fire personified, and makes a Phoenix-like deity that combines emotion and mystery.

You are on a journey of discovery and subtly transformed, as the Sun’s light shines on hidden parts of your personality. This effect is enhanced by the Sun’s close conjunction with its friend Mars, also in Vishakha, which creates a dynamic and impulsive atmosphere, and plays up your competitive streak.

Be careful of overcompensating for any recent indecision, and avoid rushing in to a situation or choice blindly. The Shakti, or unique power of this asterism, ‘To Gain Many Fruits in Life’, represents all-out success, often at any price, and you also confront others who are reckless or over-ambitious.

Keep an awareness of other people’s needs and feelings, and make your relations heartfelt rather than be drawn into a business chess-game. From November 7th to 16th, the Sun is hemmed between the sweet influences of Mercury and Venus, which gives you an even more persuasive and diplomatic quality.

Vishakha’s symbol of a Triumphal Arch inspires you to great heights, but keep your will to win from being all-consuming, and instead make any proposals mutually agreeable.

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