Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is in Bharani pada (part) three, in the sign of Aries, from March 16th to April 1st 2024.

This is Jupiter’s final pass through this nakshatra pada, having last been here in August to early September 2023, and a recent blessing is now reinforced. You may have a repeat of a healing experience or stroke of luck which proves as good, or even better, than you believed.

This pada relates to Libra navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and spirituality, which emphasises your relationships especially, but also artwork and a sense of abundance. The third nakshatra of any pada is also naturally associated with the Kama quality, or Right Relationship, where you seek intimacy as part of your spiritual path.

You learn a lot by relating to people long-term and exploring the shared beliefs that sit at the heart of a partnership. Jupiter in Aries is fiery and adventurous, but this pada’s subtle Venus-ruled side appreciates security and sharing: you want closeness and affection, but also freedom and independence.

You are drawn to a person from a different country or background, though it takes careful diplomacy to balance your contrasting world-views and visions of the future. You may bond over a mutual love of travel and education, and take it in turns to play the guru role in your relationship. 

Jupiter is under the aspect of tough, worldly Saturn through this whole transit, which sets your boundaries and prevents you from getting carried away.

A spark of enthusiasm starts a daring new enterprise, which you balance with real-world duties and limitations, and think how to bed changes in for the long-term.

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