Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world. It is a living bridge to the ancient past, offering insights into human thought, spirituality, and culture from millennia ago. Each Sanskrit syllable is believed to emanate a unique frequency, connecting the speaker to the cosmos in a profound and spiritual manner.

The Sanskrit names of the planets are more than just names; they are powerful mantras that, when uttered, can create powerful vibrations that align us with the cosmic energy of the respective planetary deity. These vibrations are said to have the potential to transform our inner and outer worlds, bringing about a harmonious balance in our lives.

For instance, chanting the Sanskrit name of Jupiter (Guru) is believed to enhance wisdom and knowledge, while Mars (Mangala) invokes courage and confidence. Through the simple act of reciting the Sanskrit names of the planets, we engage in a timeless ritual that empowers us, aligns us and brings profound changes to our spiritual and material existence.

List of Planets and their Sanskrit Names

  • Surya or Ravi (Sun): Chanting the name of Surya is said to enhance leadership qualities, vitality, health, and success in life. It strengthens one’s willpower and authority, promoting self-confidence and individuality.
  • Chandra or Soma (Moon): The Moon’s name is associated with peace, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It helps in soothing emotions, enhancing creativity, and nurturing harmony in relationships.
  • Mangala (Mars): Invoking Mangala is believed to bolster courage, strength, and resolve. It aids in overcoming obstacles, enemies, and achieving victory in endeavors, especially in competitive situations.
  • Budha (Mercury): Chanting Budha’s name enhances communication skills, intellectual abilities, and business acumen. It promotes analytical thinking, learning, and adaptability.
  • Guru or Brihaspati(Jupiter): Guru is associated with wisdom, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Invoking this name helps in expanding knowledge, understanding, and ethical conduct, fostering benevolence and generosity.
  • Shukra (Venus): The name of Shukra is linked to love, beauty, and artistic talents. It enhances aesthetic appreciation, romantic relationships, and comfort in life, promoting harmony and artistic expression.
  • Shani (Saturn): Invoking Shani helps in discipline, responsibility, and long-term planning. It is believed to bring about endurance, patience, and the fruition of hard work over time, teaching the value of persistence and humility.
  • Rahu (North Node of the Moon): Chanting the name of Rahu can help in navigating life’s challenges, enhancing ambition, and unconventional success. It is associated with transformation, breaking illusions, and spiritual growth.
  • Ketu (South Node of the Moon): Ketu’s name is associated with moksha (liberation) and spiritual enlightenment. It aids in detaching from materialistic desires, enhancing intuition, and understanding the transient nature of life.

The rituals section of align27 is built on principles like this. It helps us navigate through obstacles and construct an armor around ourselves that protects us from negativity and allows us to benefit from the positive vibrations generated by the planets.

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