Venus, planet of art and relating, enters the nakshatra of Ardra in the sign of Gemini on May 8th until May 20th 2023.

This intense and emotional asterism’s style is in sharp contrast to the familiar bubbly, airy Gemini image, where you encounter an unexpected level of depth and complexity in relationship.

On one hand you like wit and flirtation and keeping things light, but you also show an underlying thoughtful and insightful side, and you need a partner who understands both these dimensions. Ardra’s ruler, Rudra, the Storm God, brings symbolic rain in the form of a sentimental outburst, where tears come after a period of putting up a brave face.

Getting close to someone sees you opening your feelings, and though uncomfortable, this process lets you move on afterwards feeling inwardly lighter. The Shakti, or unique power, of this asterism is also for Hard Work, which can mean finding your relationships difficult, or else having a willingness to explore tough issues.

Your appreciation of the awkward side of life may see people coming to you with a problem you can relate to, and simply to have a sounding board – you are also attracted to anyone with strong powers of empathy.

By taking on a kind of unofficial counselling role, you are valued for your insight, but still, try to avoid a rescue-style relationship with built-in drama. At times you may find your partner simply too contradictory, but with persistence, this transit can also end up bringing you both closer together.

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