Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, is in Uttara Bhadrapada from April 2nd to 10th, the nakshatra wholly inside the zodiacal sign of Pisces.

This asterism gives you powers of speech and oratory, so approaching an idea, book or source of information with your intuition on full-beam gives you an original new take. Though analytical Mercury sometimes struggles in Pisces, there are compensations when you use your vision and imagination, and Uttara also gives you the ability to work out colourful strategies and solutions.

Uttara is ruled by Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the deep which shows you diving into your emotions and spirituality, and visualizing ideas that others can only guess at. You can persuade and sell, and may also be teaching or writing, with an emphasis on creativity.

Your grasp of psychology is an asset too and you know how to appeal to people’s better side to create the best possible outcome.  Mercury is also the planet of business, so a career or financial plan may benefit from some fellow-feeling, as long as you are on top of the details.

Uttara’s Shakti is for ‘Bringing Rain’, which shows fertility and abundance and a link to charity and benevolence, which sees you providing for people closest to you. Uttara is also known for compassion and spirituality, and it brings an intelligent and curious nature with a focus on the higher things in life.

Mercury receives the influence of sober Saturn through this current transit, which gives your thinking a stricter and more serious outlook, and by April 10th, it is also flanked by benevolent Venus and Jupiter.

You have a sweet and pleasing way of expressing yourself in this window and even your extravagant ideas get a sympathetic hearing.

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