Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, is in Rohini within the zodiacal sign of Taurus from June 18th until 28th.

This is a repeat of Mercury’s transit in mid-May, where it dipped into Rohini before going retrograde on May 10th,, so you may encounter a similar situation from that time, or find an answer you were searching for. Rohini is famed for its earthy beauty and charm, along with a flirtatious nature and links to agriculture and fertility.

Plans grow and flourish where you make good contacts, have the gift of speech, and your only risk is becoming overly stubborn. Pay attention to new beginnings and make your actions uplifting and positive – Rohini’s Shakti is the ‘Power to Grow’, and a good outcome is promised for the right kind of intention at the start.

This asterism is ruled by Bramha the Creator, which shows your artistic plans coming together when you think a whole project through in detail. You have a naturally stylish way of expression which suits creative writing, poetry or song lyrics, but in any case, an eye-catching way of communication.

Applying your intelligence to Rohini’s classically feminine qualities – luxuries, fashion and leisure – gives you good fortune, and this is also time for a romantic pursuit. Use your wit and charm to make an impression on somebody, and it’s worth being persistent in your chase.

Business plans promise good things, and though Rohini likes to be comfortable, make sure you don’t become too wrapped up in purely material matters – the financial bottom line is not your only concern in every case.

Mercury is also squeezed between the fiery influences of the Sun and Rahu during this transit, so you need your diplomatic skills to negotiate your way out of a tight situation or to make peace between warring parties. 

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