Sun and Jupiter in Aries 

The Sun, centre of the cosmos, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 13th to May 1st 2024. These two bodies are great planetary friends, which support each other’s symbolism, and their conjunction has great promise for confidence and charisma, especially with the Sun in its exaltation sign.

In what aspect of your life will you experience the most significant impact during this transit?

Jupiter moves into Krittika at the start of this transit, while Sun begins in Ashwini, then moves into Bharani on April 27th, and the two stars remain far enough apart to express themselves fully. The Sun’s rays don’t burn Jupiter and both these planets enjoy a mutual friend’s sign where you get in touch with a higher and grander vision.

Be on the lookout for a good deal, but wait until after April 26th, when Mercury goes direct, to commit yourself to a purchase or signature. This transit is a repeat of the same Sun-Jupiter conjunction of a year ago, between April and mid-May 2023, and sees the final effect of Jupiter in fiery Aries for another twelve years. Go the extra mile and make the most of your luck.

Which are of your life will flourish during this transit?

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra

The Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, enters Aries-Ashwini on April 13th until 27th, the nakshatra of speed and courage in the sign of Sun’s greatest strength. Ashwini’s Shakti, or special power, for Quick Action, sees you sizing up a situation and making an instant choice, which at another time may be difficult or unwise.

Now, however, an instant call cuts through all indecision and you gain nothing by waiting. Exercise is a major lift for your wellbeing, and this asterism’s lordship by the Ashvini Kumaras, the divine physicians, favours getting into shape and moving again after a period of rest, reflection, or inactivity. Ashwini is associated with beauty and flamboyance, and its symbol of the Horse shows speed and grace, so working quickly is of the essence, and you bring courage and energy into everything you do.

‘Mesha Sankranti’, the Sun’s entry into the first zodiacal sign, is the traditional start of the astrological year, so be mindful of any choices which have a longer-lasting impact.

This transit promises to positively influence your life, bringing about various opportunities and favorable outcomes.

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