Jupiter, planet of philosophy and expansion, enters pada (part) four of Ashwini, the nakshatra associated with speed and courage, from November 26th 2023 to February 3rd 2024.

This transit sees Jupiter pass again over the area it covered in early June of this year, and a situation from that time may resurface now. Jupiter retrograde up to December 31st adds to a sense of unfinished business, where you adjust to new conditions and seize an opportunity while the time is right.

You may regret not being in the right space over the summer months, but it’s not too late to put things right. Ashwini’s Shakti for ‘Quick Action’ is an impulsive energy, where a change of atmosphere comes suddenly, and may need time to get used to.

This nakshatra’s fourth pada relates to Cancer navamsha, the chart of marriage and spirituality, which enhances Jupiter’s protective and expansive nature. Cancer is Jupiter’s place of exaltation, and though you may take a generous gesture for granted, someone truly appreciates your support.

Jupiter’s blessings flow smoothly, and you give without expectation of reward. The fourth nakshatra pada is also of the Moksha tendency, which centres around yoga practice and ultimate liberation: this pada gives good fortune and a spiritual nature, and conditions that favour finding peace.

Jupiter receives the energy of strict, karmic Saturn through this whole transit, and the two planets come closest from January 21st onwards. This influence gives you caution and professionalism along with your generous instincts, and a smart long-term decision turns a stroke of luck into something more lasting.

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