The Sun, star of self and creativity, comes together with Rahu, the shadow planet of desire, in Taurus from May 14th to June 14th.

This transit sees a clash of opposing energies, where the Sun brings light and confidence, while Rahu tests your self-belief and brings an exaggerated or distorted sense of your own ability. In Taurus, the issues revolve around material resources and security, luxuries and the arts, and romantic love may also be part of the mixture.

Rahu’s nature is bound up with eclipses, the points where it symbolically swallows up the Sun and represents the soul being lost or overshadowed. Manage your desires and reach your goals in a healthy and creative way through this transit, and also to know when to stop – obsession can become destructive if you lose your head and ethical code.

Rahu amplifies whatever it touches, and a long-held wish appears even grander and more attractive, but distorted logic may lead you to cut corners or get drawn into a compromising situation. Powerful characters in your home or business life may stop at nothing, but take note of the consequences, and gently resist temptation.

You can still shine the Sun’s light on Rahu’s shadow and own a part of you that is dark or hidden, or make a difference in politics and know how to handle your personal power. Reinvent yourself or try a different path, and enhance your solar kingship charisma to build up a natural following.

Use the Sun’s energy to face your challenges in a heroic and head-on style, and street-smart Rahu to execute matters smartly in the real-world.

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