Ketu, the Moon’s South Node is in Pada (part) Four of Chitra from June 26th to August 28th 2023.

This pada is in Scorpio navamsha, the sub-chart of marriage and spiritual blessings, which gives an underlying intensity to Ketu’s sign placement in Libra. Your creativity, romantic feeling and day-to-day relations combine a Venusian charm with a subtle Mars-ruled competitiveness.

Trust your instinct with people and you will likely be right, even if the proof only arrives later. Chitra’s symbol of a shining Jewel speaks to the star’s brightness in the sky, which you reflect with an otherworldly image, and you are also drawn to working with precious, colourful materials and big personalities.

Ketu is of the nature of Mars, which gives this transit extra potential, and you can channel your power and imagination to find a genius solution. It’s vital to commit and to act in a coordinated way, and not simply move about blindly in search of a result. This is an excellent transit for artistic inspiration backed up with a real-world plan.

Chitra’s lordship by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, has more Mars affinity, when you channel your efforts into a creative program of building. Yoga and meditation for inner freedom is Ketu’s real domain, however, and you have promise to reach higher mind levels.

Chitra’s Shakti is also the ‘power to collect merit’, so you have something to aim for, even when your initial path sometimes appears to lead away from your goal. Ketu receives the influence of expansive Jupiter through this transit, which gives you an added spiritual vision, and an idealistic streak that keeps believing.

Donation, pilgrimage and academic understanding are all favoured here, and an intuitive leap sees you taking in knowledge at a deeper level.

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