The Sun, the day-star and planet of Self, is in Purva Ashadha from December 29th 2023 to January 11th 2024, the nakshatra which translates to ‘The Unconquered’.

This planet represents a heroic quest, where you show courage and overcome obstacles on your path to wisdom. Purva’s energy is bound up with a desire for invincibility, and its Shakti or unique power, is for Invigoration and Renewal.

It is also ruled by Apas, the personification of water, which may play a role in your affairs, as you spend time near the sea, possibly travelling by ship, swimming, or simply enjoying a drink. With the Sun’s energy shining a light on hidden aspects of your life, you overcome opposition and revitalize your confidence and personal charisma.

You have a particularly direct and competitive style during this transit, which sees you powering through obstacles, but can also create friction in your close affairs. Any discussion or argument has the potential to get heated, and though this nakshatra is known to be a good debater, take care before airing your differences too openly.

Sun receives the aspect of its friend Jupiter, which adds to your adventurous and upbeat spirit, and gives you a broad vision of possibilities. Thinking big helps you overcome mundane day to day business, and has an inspiring and even healing effect on people around you.

You take a philosophical attitude to life, can accept profit and loss equally, and good fortune and support comes from other people who want you to succeed.

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