The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanda zone between Scorpio-Jyeshta and Sagittarius-Mula on December 12th until 19th.

This double junction area that extends either side of zodiacal fire and water signs and nakshatras, brings a period of confusion: your plans have an unformed quality which does not favour practical business. The Sun going through the borderlands tests your natural assurance and sense of identity, as you have to create solid ground under your feet.

The solar principle is all about charisma and confidence, and the Sun’s effect is to shine light wherever it is placed, but the Gandanta energy is otherworldly and potentially undermining. This usually means working harder to make yourself understood, so be careful of people taking advantage of your reflective attitude and hesitation.

The Jyeshta portion of this transit picks up the glance of benevolent Jupiter which gives you a sense of the bigger picture and allows you to plan ahead. Jyeshta’s Shakti is also for ‘Courage in Battle’ where you can stand up for yourself, even while the issues you are fighting over are still emerging.

The Sun gives even more swagger and assertiveness as it shifts into Sagittarius-Mula by December 16th, with this nakshatra’s first pada being ruled by Aries navamsha, where Sun exalts. Ideas you have thought up in quiet and private can be put out into the world, but don’t take your fiery and impulsive energy too far.

Mula has a disruptive and unconventional quality – its Shakti is to ‘Ruin and Break Apart’ – so you may have to carefully eliminate the old before starting over again.

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