Mercury, planet of speech and communication, is in Purva Ashada from December 12th until 22nd 2022, the nakshatra in the sign of Sagittarius which translates to The Unconquered.

Purva Ashada is associated with invincibility and its Shakti, or unique power, for ‘Invigoration’, shows you with a new approach into your mental life, speech and writing. Make a lasting statement of your beliefs, or gather new information that broadens your understanding of the world.

The practical side to this transit sees you doing well in work and business, and doing deals and being an effective salesperson. Purva Ashada is a good debater too, so you get into arguments and discussions, or want to share ideas among your crowd – you might be campaigning or writing a letter to support a cause that appeals to your idealism.

This asterism’s symbol of a Sieve or Winnowing Fan is used to separate wheat from the chaff, so you can refine your personal philosophy and decide what works and what needs further attention. Take care to cover all the details, however, so that every question doesn’t becomes a matter of opinion rather than fact.

Purva’s ruling devata, Lord Jal, is the embodiment of water so this element may also play a role in your affairs, as you either travel by sea or learn about sailing or swimming. You can ‘water’ your plans symbolically as Purva Ashada’s power for renewal sees new shoots coming up when you focus on the right areas.

Water also suggests an intuitive or psychic way of communication, so back your hunches. Mercury moving in close step with romantic Venus gives you an artistic and flirtatious way of speaking, plus your forgiving mood favours reaching out to a friend who has fallen out of touch.

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