Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, is in conjunction with shadow planet Rahu in Aries from April 1st to 7th 2023.

This pairing gives you a fascination for alternative or unusual subject-matter, where you go determinedly into left-field. Rahu’s influence can break you out of a mental rut and give a fresh perspective, if you dare to contradict your programming and consider a contrary view.

As always, there’s a balance to strike, where you shatter your old illusions, but don’t rebel simply for the sake of it. This conjunction comes together in Ashwini, whose Shakti or special power for ‘Quick Action’ gives your thought and speech an impulsive streak, so finding a middle way may not be easy.

There’s a risk of going too far and of shocking or upsetting someone with a chance remark. Yet you can have an intriguing conversation when you find a kindred spirit who is open to explore an issue and go outside the usual guardrails.

You may come full-circle and arrive back at your original position, but you understand your subject better for the experience. Mercury and Rahu are connected with business and politics, so this is also an excellent transit for doing deals and spreading your influence.

You can bring people together and understand the concessions and offers needed for real-world progress – just try not to compromise your principles too much. Mercury and Rahu are also under the influence of Saturn, planet of karma, through this transit, which gives your ideas a more conservative and authoritarian quality.

April 6th sees these planets’ exact conjunction, whose influence is similar to an eclipse, so try to rise above any mental stress and anxiety, and embrace new and brilliant thinking.

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