Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is in Jyestha from December 28th to January 7th 2024, the last nakshatra in zodiacal Scorpio.

Starting off retrograde, then turning direct by January 2nd, Mercury retraces its path from mid-to-late November 2023 and brings an issue back to the table that was left unresolved. You may change your mind or double-down on your previous position, but an idea from the last month will likely resurface.

If possible, wait until January 2nd before committing and be grateful for a second chance to profit, even when there are extra complications. The effort will be worth it. Jyeshta translates as ‘The Elder’, and its ruling devata Indra, King of the Gods, sees you stepping up and owning the role as a spokesperson and voice of experience.

You may be dealing with older people or applying your expertise in a specialist area and gaining extra influence. Jyeshta’s Shakti, or special gift, is also for Courage in Battle, so prepare to be the lone voice defending a point and to argue hard for your case – even when you might say what some people do not wish to hear.

This nakshatra is said to be unfortunate for investment, but Mercury is also planet of commerce, where you can use your ingenuity and create new tie-ins and revenue streams. You are reviewing your options at the start of a new calendar year, so this is the perfect time to take a longer view and decide which avenues are rewarding you.

Thinking outside your usual parameters may find a solution when sticking to a formula no longer works.

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