Align with and pacify planets by wearing the colour associated with them on the right days.

No matter how your birth chart is placed, there are always simple rituals that you can do to ease through the bumps.

Each day of the week has a corresponding planet and each planet has a corresponding colour. By wearing items of clothing of that colour, you’re aligning with and acknowledging the planet of the day and all that it represents.

Even if you represent the colour by wearing socks or a scarf, any garment counts!


Ruler: Sun

Qualities: Sun planet of the self and spirituality, is considered to be the “King” of the planet kingdom. It represents higher authorities, the government, our soul, leaders, our fathers, courage, vitality and our life force.

The colour to wear: Orange – bring in more of the Sun’s energy by wearing orange on Sundays.


Ruler: Moon

Qualities: Moon planet of mind and emotions, represents the feminine aspect of caring and nurturing, service, swiftness, creativity and sensitivity.

The colour to wear: White – honor the Moon and all its qualities by wearing anything white.


Ruler: Mars

Qualities: Mars planet of drive and competition represents confidence, organizational ability, logical thinking, courage, adventure, physical activity, passion, ambitions, land, buildings, loans and brothers.

The colour to wear: Red: Similar to Sundays, Tuesdays are the days to wear red to activate confidence and courage.


Ruler: Mercury

Qualities: Mercury, planet of communication and intelligence represents trade, media, writing, printing, publishing, telecommunication, transport, mental work, errands, presentations, education, information and business.

The colour to wear: Green: Mercury – For Mercury-day wear Green to smoothen out communications and excel in work.


Ruler: Jupiter
Stone: Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Citrine

Qualities: Jupiter planet of belief and expansion represents wisdom, knowledge, children, optimism, rituals, spirituality, wealth and creativity.

The colour to wear: Yellow – for abundance, expansion and good luck wear yellow on Thursday’s.


Ruler: Venus

Qualities: Venus planet of art and relationships hora is great for music, romance, desires, emotions, material comfort, fun, prosperity, recreation, entertainment, buying clothes and jewelry and beauty related work.

The colour to wear: Light Blue – wear the colour of the sky to align with the powers of Venus to strengthen relationships.


Ruler: Saturn

Qualities: Saturn, planet of boundaries, work, and success, represents hard work, delays, discipline and obstacles.

The colour to wear: Dark Blue – wear darker shades of blue to keep Saturn happy and combat obstacles.

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